We produce industrially manufactured system components quickly and economically.

NOKERA is the right choice for efficient, sustainable construction.

Numerous advantages

The NOKERA approach allows for short construction times and a high degree of precision. Our components are prefabricated in our own production facilities, regardless of weather conditions. Further advantages include a high quality standard and maximum planning reliability, which ensures projects remain on schedule and on budget.

Individual designs

By using industrially manufactured system components, NOKERA can design and construct high-quality, tailor-made, ready-to-use properties and residential districts quickly, economically, and sustainably. When it comes to environmentally friendly timber construction, we rely on in-house development. Our products are used to create architecturally sophisticated buildings with minimal carbon emissions.

The NOKERA modular system offers exceptional versatility

Individuality and quality on an industrial scale – livable, affordable, and sustainable residential housing built in the shortest time possible.

Functional and sustainable: modern design, industrially manufactured, and built ready for use.

Modern, sustainable solutions for our next generation.

Turnkey construction with the NOKERA modular system

The NOKERA modular building system is designed to use sustainable timber construction methods. In this process, individual components are prefabricated, transported to the construction site, and assembled according to the modular principle.

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