It’s time to change the biggest industry in the world

Our mission?

Sustainable and affordable housing.

Climate change and the growing shortage of housing are two of the biggest problems of our time. We need holistic and sustainable concepts to answer them. This is how we create a future worth living for everyone. At NOKERA we work for the vision of changing the world with a new construction industry.

Affordable housing

With our “affordable living” approach, we create permanently affordable living space in city locations for everyone. We are against gentrification and want to enable all income groups to live together.

Promotion of small businesses

We create lively neighborhoods in which small businesses such as bakeries, florists, butchers, cafés or service providers are promoted. This creates living and working spaces for a colorful society.

Community living concepts

We want progressive urban development. We create livable neighborhoods with family-friendly, community-oriented and cross-generational infrastructure.


NOKERA is a pioneer in efficient and sustainable construction based on wood. We know that climate targets can only be achieved with a building turnaround towards resource-saving and sustainable construction. That is why we use renewable materials such as wood with a transparent supply chain as a central component and use our platform concept to design the construction process so efficiently that it enables affordable living space for everyone.


We reduce waste, emissions and scrap. Modern technologies conserve resources and reduce planning errors.


We work with renewable resources and a sustainable material cycle.


We use 90% renewable energies.


We know that climate goals and a progressive future can only be achieved by starting to build in a sustainable manner.


We digitize the entire life cycle of the property and make it efficient, sustainable and modern.


And last but not least, sustainable construction also means the long-term maintenance of our buildings.

You can find NOKERA projects all over Germany. And that is just the beginning.

Our offer does not end with the finished building. With additional services, we increase the value and lifespan of real estate.


NOKERA also pays attention to CO2 output in its energy supply. Photovoltaic systems generate electricity for tenants Cogeneration units and geothermal systems generate environmentally friendly heat. NOKERA houses produce more energy than they consume.


NOKERA offers its residents a comprehensive media supply. Fast Internet combined with apartment WLAN and an extensive TV program are a matter of course for us.


The NOKERA app is the smarthome key for our residents. Digital communication between building management and residents, security features, car sharing and neighborhood communication all in one app.

Our holistic platform makes construction projects scalable, resource-saving and manageable


NOKERA's tech-based platform combines planning, construction, assembly and services in a uniform system. It offers a seamless, sustainable and scalable process from the beginning to the end of every project.


With integrated architecture and engineering offices as well as think-tank-controlled product development, urban planning concepts of the future are created at NOKERA. The implemented BIM software enables the early detection of conflicts and increases the efficiency of planning.

We design manufacturing processes for a construction industry 4.0. High-tech production systems belonging to NOKERA work digitally, automatically and robotically away from the construction site. In the production of components, we particularly rely on sustainable resources such as wood.



The organization of our supply chain is determined by the focus on efficiency. This ensures that deliveries always arrive at exactly the right time. A continuous flow of data serves as the basis of our platform and allows processes to run seamlessly into one another. In this way, incorrect planning is reduced and construction projects are implemented in a way that conserves resources.

Our NOKERA teams or selected partner companies ensure that the installation runs smoothly and correctly on-site. Thanks to our Plug & Build principle, we guarantee a higher construction output, lower staff requirements, and a considerable reduction in waste.



Through the smart use of data, we develop value-added services in building management, energy supply or in the media sector. This is how we increase the value of the property throughout its entire life cycle.

We combine unique manufacturing processes with technological know-how in one integrated platform. The platform principle makes building more scalable and provides affordable living space. The prefabricated and standardized components from a sustainable material cycle lay the foundation for the reliable scalability of projects. Nokera offers comprehensive services for the entire life cycle of a building.

Affordable and sustainable through efficient technologies

Affordable and sustainable through efficient technologies

Affordable and sustainable through efficient technologies

We are an interdisciplinary team of entrepreneurs and specialists from the real estate, automotive, construction and tech industries with lots of experience. We all share a passion for a sustainable and fair future, as well as for real estate and technologies. We at NOKERA are convinced that it is time to revolutionize the construction industry. We do our best for that. Every day.

Kay-Ebe Schnoor

  • More than 30 years of industry experience in wood construction and technology
  • Founder and Managing Partner of Ing-Holzbau Schnoor GmbH, the market leader in wood construction in Germany, today a NOKERA company
  • Dipl-Ing.


Sascha Zahnd
Board of Directors

  • Europe CEO of Tesla (including responsibility for the construction of the Gigafactory in Berlin, sale of the Model 3)
  • Vice President for Supply & Procurement at Swatch Group
  • Over 10 years experience in management positions at IKEA including in China, USA, Mexico and Sweden

Josef Stengel
Kitchen / Bathrooms

  • Founder and Managing Partner at Stengel, specialist in sheet metal forming and sheet metal design
  • Founder of Stepa, a manufacturer of cranes for agriculture and forestry industries

Jan Hedding

  • COO of Swiss Family Office
  • Managing director and board member of several companies in the field of real estate and project development
  • Studied Economics at the University of Mannheim; Master of Laws (LL.M.) in Real Estate Law at the University of Münster

Marion Schnoor

  • More than 30 years of industry experience in wood construction and technology
  • Founder and Managing Partner of Ing-Holzbau Schnoor GmbH, the market leader in wood construction in Germany, today a NOKERA company


Gregor Fuchshuber

  • Founder and Managing Partner of Fuchshuber Architekten GmbH (today NOKERA Planning GmbH, 130 Architects and Engineers)
  • Diploma of TU Munich

Udo Stocker

  • More than 25 years of industry experience
  • Shareholder of a family owned construction company in third generatio
  • Founder of asset management firm ATOS Capital (sold to Corestate in 2017)
  • Previously, he worked for institutional investors like CarVal


Norbert Ketterer

  • Founder of NOKERA
  • Over 30 years as entrepreneur
  • Track record of > 20 bn € in Gross Development Value
  • Many years of experience in capital market transactions, M&A transactions, IPOs


Christian Ruhdorfer

  • More than 25 years of industry experience
  • Managing Partner of MUC Real Estate Group
  • Experience in the development of large-volume residential building projects and state-sponsored model building projects for the development of new building technologies
  • Member of the board of TAG Gewerbeimmobilen AG
  • Dipl-Ing. Arch.

Marco Syfrig

  • CEO of the listed Burkhalter Group (electrical installation) with over 100 locations and 3300 employees from January 1st, 2008 to December 31st, 2021.
  • He will be Member of the executive board of Nokera AG from January 1st, 2022.


Jörg Theves

  • More than 25 years in the concrete and construction industry (i.e. LaFarge Holcim)
  • Conception, build up and operating the modernist and biggest precast concrete production facility in Europe