What we do: Production and construction of climate neutral housing through a resource conserving timber construction.

We are changing the construction industry’s ecosystem sustainably.

As the market leader of a tech-driven construction industry, we are setting new standards. We are transforming an industry after almost 100 years of standstill and leading it into the era of “Industry 4.0”.


ordered housing units


contracted sales



1.54 million

square meters of living space


state-of-the-art facilities in Germany

With NOKERA, ecology and economy no longer contradict each other in residential construction. As pioneers of efficient and sustainable timber construction, we know climate targets can only be achieved through a revolutionized concept of building: conserving resources through sustainable construction. That's why we use renewable raw materials like wood with a transparent supply chain as a central component. Our tech-based platform enables an efficient construction process, resulting in affordable housing for all.

You can find NOKERA projects all over Germany. And that is just the beginning.

Our offer does not end with the finished building. With additional services, we increase the value and lifespan of real estate.


NOKERA also attends to the CO₂ output of its energy supply. Photovoltaic systems generate electricity for tenants while combined heat and power plants and geothermal systems generate heat environmentally friendly. NOKERA houses produce more energy than they consume.


The NOKERA app is the smart home key for our residents. It combines digital communication between building management and residents, security features, car sharing and neighborhood communication – all in one app.