It’s time to change the biggest industry in the world

Our mission?

Living space made of wood. Affordable, livable,

Housing shortage is one of the largest sociopolitical challenges in Germany. Currently, Germany lacks 1.5 to 2 million apartments in the medium and lower price range, especially in metropolitan areas. In addition, the housing market must actively contribute to achieving the climate targets.

Through its innovative wood construction method, NOKERA offers the solution to current social and political issues, combining ecology with economy.

Affordable living

By integrating the value chain vertically (83% in-house production) via industrial production, NOKERA creates sustainable and affordable housing.

Sustainable use of resources

Our concept enables us to produce and erect climate neutral buildings (net-zero) Through this, we can already achieve social and political targets of the future.

Scalable, sustainable production

Close to Magdeburg, NOKERA will have built the world’s biggest Green-Construction-Factory by the end of 2022, producing up to 20.000 apartments per annum via resource-efficient timber construction.

Resource consumption

We reduce waste, emissions and offcuts. By using modern technologies, we also protect resources.


We mainly work with renewable raw materials and a recycling-friendly material cycle.


We use 100% renewable energy for the production of our wooden components.


We know a progressive future requires resource-efficient construction. At NOKERA, the use of timber binds large amounts of carbon sustainably and – thanks to shortened construction times – improves our carbon footprint.


By digitalizing the estate’s entire life cycle, we make it more efficient, sustainable and modern.